Second Chair Leadership Book List

One of the things I most enjoy doing is resourcing leaders. I love connecting leaders to someone who can help them or point leaders to a resource I believe will help them with a particular challenge they're facing. Because I love to read I find myself talking with others about what I'm currently reading and how my reading is impacting my thinking, which is why I ask every guest who appears on the podcast this question:

"What's one book you recommend every leader read and why?"

Cultivating a Reflective Mind

There is an ever-increasing need to cultivate a reflective mind - a mind that reflects on what's most important in life. I've noticed that when it comes to cultivating a reflective mind, there are internal and external barriers. The most often cited are fear, busyness, and noise.

Read 40 Books a Year

I'm a firm believer that leaders are readers. According to a recent article on the reading habits of leaders a survey by the National Endowment for the Arts found that only 43% of adults read something that wasn't required for work or school - the lowest average in decades. The blog post goes on to say that the habits of highly successful individuals suggests that leaders are in fact, readers.

Beating Busy: Final Thoughts

I’m convinced you will find greater meaning, peace, and fulfillment when your calendar reflects what you value most. How you spend your time matters - a lot! It just does. It’s the one commodity that cannot be bought, traded, or sold. Perhaps the biggest reason we’re all so frazzled these days is because we’re forgetting what matters most to us and to God.