Adoption Update

Today was an important day for us concerning Dawit’s adoption.  

In Ethiopia witnesses appeared at the U.S. Embassy to testify and validate the reports concerning Dawit’s abandonment - the legitimacy of his orphan status. We just received word that the witnesses didn’t “pass well” this morning at the Embassy due to conflicting information surrounding the circumstances of his abandonment. 

This wasn’t the kind of news we were expecting today. We are trusting that this misunderstanding will be clarified quickly. It appears that no one is disputing the legitimacy of his orphan status, but the U.S. Embassy does want clarity on what happened on the day of his abandonment. 

Please pray for Dawit. Pray for him and those caring for him. Pray that God would prepare his little heart to receive us as family. Pray for this matter to be settled - not just swept under the rug so that we can all just go about our day - but truly worked out so no doubt exists concerning the circumstances of his birth.

I'm grateful for level-headed people like my dad who reminded me that this is a good thing because it means that people are doing their jobs. They are exercising due diligence.

Thank you for your prayers.