Adoption Journey - Pt. 1

The Backstory

Is it fair to say we were destined to adopt? Perhaps.  At the very least we were heavily predisposed to adopting.  My wife, Jaclyn, grew up in a home that has been supportive of international adoptions.  When she was fourteen her parents adopted a girl from the Philippines and then adopted a second child by the time Jaclyn was 20.  Along with Jaclyn’s sisters we also have a niece who was adopted from Guatemala 7 years ago.  Adoption was a familiar and accepted part of her life.

I grew up in a smaller family with no adopted siblings.  But over the years we've been married I've grown to appreciate and love my extended family.

Jaclyn and I have three wonderful “minis” – Naomi (10), Elijah (8) and Abigail (4).  All three pregnancies were physically hard on Jaclyn’s body, but the third was the most challenging of all.  I was naïve enough then to believe pregnancy got easier with each successive kid, how foolish I was.


There came a point in our marriage where we had to make the conscious decision not to have more biological children because of our difficulties surrounding pregnancy.  This was a tremendously hard decision for us to make because we both knew in some way that our family was not complete.

So a couple of years after our youngest child was born and through a series of events – a combination of sermons we heard along with books we were reading and situations where we were meeting other adoptive families – we simultaneously were sensing a push and pull to adopt. The push came through God’s Spirit speaking to our spirits about taking a greater risk to advance His kingdom; and all the while our heartstrings were being pulled as we learned more about orphans dear friends of ours were caring for in Lesotho, Africa.

So in the summer of 2011 we formally declared we were going to adopt a boy from Africa.