Adoption Journey - Pt. 2

“We’re Pregnant!”

These are the words expectant parents love to repeat over and over and…over again.  For us, it was more of a question than an exclamation, “We’re pregnant??? How did this happen?” (No need to explain.  I know how it happened.)

Jaclyn and I were married only a couple of months when the doctor confirmed what EPT already told us – yep, we’re pregnant.  (FYI - dozens of home pregnancy tests = the price of a doctor’s visit. Lesson learned.)

The wide-eyed deer-in-the-headlights look on our faces must have said it all.  With compassion the good doctor wondered, “And this is a good thing?”

Yes.  It’s good.  Surprising, but good. 

Pregnancy isn’t just good, it’s beautiful, wonder-full, and mysterious. 

But with the beauty and wonder of it all, there’s also the associated (but necessary) weight gain, sore back, swollen feet, rapid hormone and temperature fluctuations, and labor. 

I hated the labor part and I wasn’t even the pregnant one.

Delivery wreaked havoc on my wife’s body. She will always and forever be beautiful to me.  Months (dare I say a year?) would go by before she would feel "normal" again, whatever that means.

In hindsight, we should have had a C-section with our first child, Naomi.  Labor and delivery was long (12 hours) and it was intense. We had no idea my wife’s small frame was carrying a whopping 9 lb. 14 oz. mini Cooper.  We joke that we birthed a toddler. 

As a husband and at the time a new father, I was least prepared for post-delivery.  I shouldn’t have skipped that part in the What to Expect book.  But, I’m forever grateful for a mother who taught me all things domestic because after Naomi came along it was all on me in addition to my current work schedule and household responsibilities.  All of it.  (Except for the nursing part.) 

Recovery was Jaclyn’s priority. Caring for her was mine. 

Maybe mini-Cooper #2 would be easier.  The more kids you have the easier the deliveries are supposed to be, right?