Adoption Journey - Pt. 5

Jaclyn comes from a large family – that is, large compared to mine. I grew up in a household of four. I have one sister; she’s four years younger. She has a husband with – you guessed it – two kids. Jaclyn on the other hand has three biological siblings and two adopted sisters from the Philippines and a partridge in a pear tree.

Kidding. It was an apple tree.

All but one of her siblings are married with kids. The total number of kids on her side of the family? Twelve (not including our minis).

Twelve to 2! It’s no comparison.

A family photo on Jaclyn’s side demands a camera with a panoramic lens.


Not so much.

So for us having two minis wasn’t enough but 5 was too many. A comfortable number was somewhere between what we both grew up with.

Early in 2009 we conceived and were expecting our third mini –another girl! Her estimated time of arrival was early December and we were thrilled. Initially everything was normal. Everything was as it should’ve been.

Then, things changed; everything wasn’t as it should’ve been.

After returning from a morning run while 6-weeks pregnant on spring break in Gulf Shores, AL, Jaclyn noticed something unusual. She was spotting. A quick phone call to the doctor reassured us not to worry.

But then around 10-weeks she spotted again. Unable to schedule an immediate appointment with our doctor was able to get in to see one of our doc’s partners. Bad idea.

Strike that. Incredibly horrible stupid idea.

This doctor had the bedside manner of a pole. He was cold, matter-of-fact, and callous saying the odds of a full-term pregnancy were against us since we had two successful pregnancies previously. According to him it was our turn. Who says that?!

Devastated we went home and waited. We waited for the process to unfold. This was new territory for us. We’d never been down this road before. Though we’d heard others share their stories of loss during pregnancy, it made no difference. Those testimonies brought us no comfort. Instead of believing the best we expected the worst. We expected to miscarry.

As days passed nothing happened. Nothing. So we followed up with our family doctor and an ultrasound confirmed that our baby girl was hanging in there. Contrary to Dr. Pole’s diagnosis everything was pretty good.

Everything was normal; everything was as it should have been.

To be continued...