Adoption Journey - Pt. 4

Before I go any further, I must hit the “pause” button for a moment to share some exciting news! Last week Jaclyn and I received the phone call from our adoption agency we had been waiting for.

This was the moment!

Our agency had a referral for us. 

*big ear-to-ear grin*

Our caseworker wasted no time telling us as much as she could about Dawit Lukas, an 11-month old baby boy – the boy would become part of our forever family and us a part of his. Tears of joy welled up inside as I listened to the details.  I know that what I’m about to say doesn’t make sense but I knew this day would come, but I didn’t expect it to come.  With all the time that had passed I taught myself to think about other things instead of dwelling on the reality that our son wasn’t with us. It made my days easier.

I think Jaclyn was in shock.  She hardly said a word.

Within minutes we had pictures of our new “mini.” He’s absolutely precious.  Dawit is Amharic for “beloved.” 

And that he is!  Beloved. 

That night we shared the news with the minis in a special way. Several months ago Jaclyn began crafting a wall piece with pins outlining the country of Ethiopia. The craft remained unfinished until this moment.  She completed the project by adding a heart over the place of Dawit’s birthplace and attaching the string.

Their response: “He’s adorable!”

We are hopeful that we will be able to bring Dawit home in 5-6 months.  In order to do that we need your help…

And we have an idea…

A really fun idea!

We are going to auction off two vacations – one week’s stay and one weekend stay – where you and 11 of your closest friends will stay at a gorgeous 5-bedroom beach home on Lake Michigan near the lovely tourist town of Saugatuck! We will be hosting an online auction on Facebook soon.

Pictures are forthcoming so stay tuned.

In cooperation with the homeowners, you will have your choice of dates from May-September 2015.

Help us spread the word about this amazing vacation getaway!

September 5, 2014 - Update:
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