Adoption Update

Since my last adoption update a lot has happened. Back in September we submitted a petition (called an “I-600”) to request that Dawit be added as an immediate relative. And so for the last 4 months we have waited and watched this process unfold as the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia conducted their own investigation by scheduling interviews with those involved with Dawit’s case.

When we thought the process couldn’t take any longer, on December 22nd the last interview happened. At this point we were expecting a PAIR letter to be issued so we could continue down the adoption road. Unfortunately this did not happen, and on December 31st we received news that the Embassy was unable to grant our request to make Dawit an immediate family member. That said, the Embassy did not have the authority to deny our request - they just couldn’t approve it.  So our case has been referred back to the USCIS National Benefits Center in Kansas City where someone with the authority approve or deny our petition will make a final determination.

We should find something out within a few days!

This is the first time throughout this entire process that a failed referral has even crossed our minds. We never dreamed that the Embassy investigation would lead to this.

We believed then (and we still believe now) that Dawit is an orphan in need of a family. My heart is attached to him. Jaclyn’s heart too. Our minis are looking forward to having a little brother. Howevever, the U.S. government isn’t certain they can classify him as an orphan. If this happens we will be prevented from adopting Dawit.

A movement of God is needed here. Your persistent prayers are appreciated.