5 Hebrew Words - A Review

I distinctly remember the first time I met Lois Tverberg.  It was an hour I will not forget.  Lois and her love for the Hebrew Scriptures left a remarkable impression on me - one that has influenced and shaped my understanding of the Bible and teaching.  Like the disciples who sat at Jesus’ feet to learn from him, Lois is one whose feet I’ve had the privilege of sitting under.

It was September 2007 and I was a second year seminarian at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI.  Though anxieties run high at the challenges of learning biblical Hebrew for most students, I, however, was loving every moment. 

Sukkot was approaching and Lois was invited to teach in our class on the significance of the festival.  Imagine my surprise when instead of lecturing in the classroom, Lois says, “Follow me,” and leads the class to the courtyard. 

And there on the ground lay a pile of wood, sticks, and rope.

While Lois taught, we built a booth. 

Lois continues to teach me through her writing.  I had the privilege of reading Lois’ latest e-book, 5 Hebrew Words That Every Christian Should Know and my first thought was, “Darn. She beat me to it!” 

But I’m so glad she did!

The next thought was, “How did she settle on just these 5 words?  There are so many that need to be explored!”  Though ancient Hebrew is a vocabulary poor language (roughly 4000 words compared to English with over 100,000), it is a richly nuanced, poetic, “sing-songy” language that Lois likens to a roomy suitcase that is deep and wide just waiting to be unpacked.

5 Hebrew Words is an excellent conversation starter for anyone desiring to understand the Bible in new and unique ways.  The e-book contains study links to www.BibleGateway.com where the reader can view 3 different English translations side-by-side. 

Lois’ gift to the Christian community is her ability to bridge the cultural gap that stands between us and the ancient world making it accessible to the average Christian.  Though Lois understands the technicalities of translation, syntax, verb stems, word order, and nuance, yet she writes to help readers unpack the Hebrew words so that they are inspired and challenged to begin unpacking the roomy biblical text on their own.

I strongly encourage you to pick up your copy of 5 Hebrew Words today for your personal study or small group.  I know I will frequently reference this as I launch into a 5-part teaching series this fall at my church on my 5 favorite Hebrew words.

5 Hebrew Words is available at Our Rabbi Jesus.  Click here to purchase your copy today.