Tools for Creating Rhythm in Your Life


It comes up in a number of conversations I have these days. And up to this point I wasn’t quite sure how to respond.

The issue? 

Creating rhythm, order and rest. 

Huh? (Scratch head.)

Time management.

And so in the conversations I’m having (and maybe you’ve experienced this too!) with people is they simply are having a hard time orienting their lives around weekly rhythm that includes connecting with God through weekly worship and engaging in the life of the local church.

The conversations often go something like:

Hey, I haven’t seen or heard from you since ____, I hope you’ll make it for worship this weekend.

The response?

My schedule is crazy!

Followed by the six words I’m tired of hearing…

Hopefully. Things. Will. Slow. Down. Soon.

But does life ever really slow down? Experience has taught me life slows for no one, but…

You and I have the power to control how we manage our time. 

So why not make our schedules work for us instead of letting our calendars work us?

In the very beginning of creation we encounter a magnificent Creator who, when He speaks, the unimaginable happens - stuff comes to life! And when we read Genesis 1 with a careful eye patterns emerge.

God speaks and things happen.
Chaos becomes order.
Boundaries are set.
Days, seasons, and time are established.
Life flourishes.
And then…God. Rested.

We are creatures of habit. You could say we’re creatures of rhythm. Your life, my life, our lives have a discernable pattern. You wake up about the same time every day. You have a morning routine. You work most days of the week. If you think about it your work has a pattern. Then you go home. You eat. You play. You relax. You sleep.


The rhythm of our lives should reflect the rhythm of creation. Where chaos becomes order…where boundaries are established…where days, seasons, and time and set…

Life flourishes.

I want to share with you 2 tools to harness the power of rhythm. I am by no means a time management expert, but these tools have helped me over the last year or so and I think they will be of great value to you as well.

First, Alan Briggs ( created a calendar designed to help you plan your overall week. Seeing my overall week in one place has helped me give my days focus and to prioritize my biggest projects. So I created my own version of Alan's weekly planner.

Download the weekly planner here

I was introduced to the second tool while perusing Donald Miller’s website. (Don is the author of the best-selling Blue Like Jazz.) In need of a better way to harness the power of creativity in his work Don created a daily productivity schedule. Download here. This tool has been incredibly helpful for me. I use it almost daily, but there were a few things I didn't like about it. So I created my own schedule based on Don’s with a few tweaks.

Click here to download my daily productivity schedule.

Your time is your most valuable commodity. It cannot be traded or sold. So make the most of your time by taking ownership of your calendar before it owns you.