The Blessing of Teachers

A new school year officially starts tomorrow and while I’ve been looking forward to sending my kids off with much anticipation,

much, much anticipation…

my heart has been compelled to pray with and pray for our teachers. Summer vacation is over for them. No more sleeping in, or going to bed early, or reading for fun. Today is the last day of quiet in a teacher’s classroom for the next 9 months. It’s back to early morning alarm clocks, playground duty, ritual daily hand sanitizing, books, papers, grades, conferences, and tests.

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray.”

When I think about the most influential people in my life apart from my wife and parents I think about people like Mr. Zahrt, Mr. Waggoner, Mrs. Dirkx, Mrs. Reit, Mr. Untiet, Mr. Fischbach, Dr. Boogaart, Mr. West, and Dr. Voskuil.

How have these people influenced my life?

All are teachers.

Mrs. Reit had a contagious love for music. Because of Mr. Untiet’s influence in my life, I will never tire of participating in the dramatic arts. Mr. Fischbach gave me a firm foundation in athletic training that set me on a path toward a successful career as an athletic trainer. Dr. Boogaart and Mr. West taught me everything I know about the Old Testament and Hebrew language. And there are countless others who God placed in my life who've taught me so much and for whom I'm most thankful.

I used to think Proverbs 22:6 really only applied to parents, but it occurred to me (as my children head off to school tomorrow) that this wise saying - this wisdom passed down through the ages - speaks to anyone who influences children.

I’m grateful for all the teachers who’ve made a difference in my life…for all the teachers who’ve taught me important skills…for all the teachers who’ve imparted wisdom and knowledge…for all the teachers who challenged me…for all the teachers who inspired me to do something great with the God-given gifts and talents I’ve been so graciously given.


Teachers, train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray.

Teachers, as a new year begins, may you draw deeply from the well of God’s love as you pour wisdom, knowledge, love, and life in to the next generation. May you train our children in such a way that challenges them to do something great…that inspires them to change the world with their God-given gifts and talent. So, thank you, teachers for your investment in children and our future. 

Who knows, maybe one of them will one day take your place to train up future generations of world changers!