Best Books of 2015


Each year I read quite a few books and while I don’t recommend everything I read, I thought there were some that might interest you. In no particular order, this is the list of books I read this past year that I found the most helpful/interesting/challenging/inspiring.

The Courageous Follower by Ira Chaleff. This is a absolute must-read for all leaders in the business, social, non-profit, medical, financial, and government sectors. The arena of "followership" is a young, but growing field of study. Understanding the 5 dimensions of a courageous follower is crucial to a leader and organization's success.

Nudge by Leonard Sweet. Appropriately subtitled, "Awakening Each Other to the God Who's Already There," Sweet repeatedly reminds the reader that God the Father is constantly drawing people to Himself, and my job isn't to attract people to Jesus, but to nudge them closer to Him. Evangelism is nothing more than nudging people into contact with Jesus who is already at work in their lives.

Living Prayerfully by Jared Brock. Describing his prayer life as weak and wanting desperately to hear from God, Brock sets out on a prayer pilgrimage which takes him to all kinds of places in the world - Israel, Spain, South Korea, France, Greece (even Topeka, KS!) - in an attempt to uncover how other people of faith hear from God and cultivate a deeper relationship with Christ. This is a fun book to read and consider: to what lengths would you go to hear from God?

Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek. Great leaders inspire people to action by starting with the "why" instead of the "what." What your organization develops, sells, or provides isn't as inspiring as why your organization exists. Do you know why you exist?

Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels. A thorough and well-developed leadership book written by a great leader/pastor who knows a thing or two about courageous leadership. 

Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus by Wayne Stiles. I really enjoyed reading this book as Stiles walks the reader through the cities and villages where Jesus walked. You'll see how the landscape shaped Jesus' teaching filling you with new insight.

What did you read this year you thought everyone else should too?