Adoption Journey - Pt. 8

Devastated we wouldn’t be wouldn’t be able to complete the adoption process through Lesotho, we were forced to choose between what we thought were two bad options. Lesotho was temporarily closing adoptions to America in order to reform its international adoption process. We could choose another country or we could wait, but possibly never receive a referral. We were trusting God with the right child to be matched with at just the right time and after many conversations and much prayer, we walked away from our investment in a potential match in Lesotho.

We started over from scratch with a new adoption agency and a new county - Ethiopia. By this time 18-months had passed and we were the 47th family on the official wait list with an estimated 9 to 12-month waiting period to receive a referral. Slowly over the next 18-months we would climb up the wait list before we officially received “the call” from our agency.

But then, much to our surprise, the call came on Monday, August 25, 2014. Our agency had great news. They had a referral for us for an 11-month old baby boy! Our caseworker wasted no time telling us as much as she could about the boy would become part of our forever family and us a part of his. Within minutes we had pictures of our new “mini,” Dawit. Dawit is Amharic for “beloved.” And that he is! Beloved.