Polishing the Poo

I’ve been told there’s a phrase in the music industry called “polishing the turd.”

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Polishing the turd is the process where sound engineers erase the imperfections in the tracks making the imperfect perfect.

It’s tempting as an adoptive parent to polish the adoption turd. I’m often asked how the adoption is coming along, and I appreciate people asking more than I let on. But when people ask me I think what they’re really asking is, “What’s the latest good news?” So I put a little polish on the turd and respond with what I think people want to hear.

The adoption is going well…Things are moving forward…Finances are in place…Everything’s under control…God is good.

The unpolished version isn’t nearly as lovely as the polished version.

No things aren’t very going well with the adoption, no the process isn’t moving forward at the moment, no the finances aren’t there, no everything’s not under control, but…

God is good. God is just. Always.

The unpolished truth is the adoption process is simply a reflection of the beautiful messiness of my own life. I’m always a little envious when I hear about a family who adopted internationally and the process start to finish was complete in 12-18 months even though I know that is not the norm. The unpolished truth is it takes years (depending on the country you’re dealing with) to adopt a child internationally. Our story is the norm. It’s messy. It’s beautiful. It’s frustrating and exhilarating…a dream come true and my worst nightmare.

The truth is we’re in tough (but not hopeless) place right now. The United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) office did not approve our petition last month to make Dawit an immediate family member. The truth is I don’t blame them for their decision. If I was in their position I’m not sure I would have approved our case based on the evidence presented at that time either.

The truth is time is ticking.

We’re on the clock to provide better evidence to validate Dawit’s orphan status by February 24th or our petition will be denied.

February 24th is our “D-Day.”

In the event the evidence we provide is not sufficient we can appeal or start from scratch with a new petition.

I love the story Jesus tells about a widow who has suffered injustice and she appears before a judge and what I love about her is that she doesn’t polish the poo for the judge. She doesn’t hold anything back. She doesn’t sugar coat her story. She just says it like it is.

“Grant me justice against my adversary,” she demands.

Unmoved by her direct yet passionate plea, the judge says, “No.” But that doesn’t stop this woman from insisting, “Grant me justice against my adversary,” only to be met with an echoing, “No!” day after day after day.

This goes on for some time before one day the judge has finally had enough. “Because this widow keeps bothering me,” he says, “I will see that she gets justice.”

More than ever we need your persistent, “bang on the door of heaven” prayers for our case. The woman’s persistence paid off reminding me God is good. God is just. Always.