Adoption Journey - Pt. 7

The adoption journey “officially” began four years ago on July 5, 2011. But the possibility of adoption took root in our hearts nearly two years previous while Jaclyn was still pregnant with our youngest, Abigail. You can read about that by clicking here. Though I was certain we were done having biological children, I was wide open to the possibility of adoption.

Through a series of events - books we were reading, Sunday sermons, adoptive parents we met, and prayer - we were simultaneously sensing both a push and pull to adopt. The push came from God’s Spirit speaking to our spirits about taking greater risks for Him and His kingdom. The pull came from our heartstrings being tugged as we learned more about the orphans some friends of ours were caring for in Lesotho, Africa. These friends of ours moved to Lesotho to minister to orphaned children, so we chose to adopt a boy thinking chances would be pretty good he could come from their orphanage.

At the time there was only one organization in the U.S. that dealt with international adoptions from Lesotho - Americans for African Adoptions based out of Indianapolis. And for the next 18 months we focused our efforts and our minds on raising money and completing the training process.

Through circumstances well beyond our control we weren’t able adopt from Lesotho as we had hoped. In December 2012 we were informed the Lesotho government was temporarily suspending adoptions in order to join the Hague convention for international adoptions. From what I understood, Lesotho was trying to take steps to protect their children from human trafficking. With no end in sight we made the difficult decision to terminate our contract with Americans for African Adoptions. Though we weren’t able to adopt from Lesotho we were able to help another family by transferring the funds from our account to their account and because of our donation they were that much closer to bringing their little one home!