Give 0.6%

So when was the last time someone encouraged you to give 1% to anything? And not just 1%, but less than 1%?

Never right?

This certainly isn’t something you’ll hear your boss say who expects you to give nothing less than 100% effort and attitude for the company. Nor are you likely to hear your pastor say that you should give less than 1% to the ministry of the local church or to trust Jesus with 1% of your life. These scenarios just aren’t going to happen.



Because less than
 1% of anything is nearly nothing, right? What can possibly be accomplished with 0.6% of anything? Surely 0.6% of something isn't worth the time or investment, is it?

The Bible contains 31,102 verses and if you and I read 0.6% verses per week it would take 167 weeks to read it from beginning to end - that's 3.2 years. Made culturally popular by Malcolm Gladwell, the "10,000 Hour Rule," demonstrates that in order to master something - guitar or golf or computer programming - I would have to invest 10,000 hours to the craft. So, if I practiced guitar 60 hours a month it would take over 13 years to master! Wow!

I think if we're completely honest with ourselves this isn't entirely encouraging news because we know 0.6% of anything isn't much.

So what if I told you that a significant impact in God's kingdom expressed though the local church could be made with only 0.6% of your time? Would you believe it?

Let's look at some numbers. On average there are 30 days a month. Multiply that time 24 hours each day giving which us 720 hours.

Subtract 240 hours a month for sleep. Subtract 176 hours (more or less) for work, and subtract 4 hours for worshiping God in community with other Christians. How much "free" time do you have left each month?

Answer: 300 hours.

Serving 1-2 hours each month at Grace Point North you are giving 0.6% of the free time available to you. I would argue that this 0.6% is both the most sacrificial (because it means you're going to have to give something up in order to serve) and consequently most rewarding and life-giving gift you can give yourself and our faith community because the abundant life that Jesus talks about is linked to sacrificially serving others. One of the most tangible ways to live Jesus' command to love one another is to serve each other intentionally and joyfully so that when others look at us they want to join the fun. 

We serve, not primarily because we're commanded to, but because we're on a journey together to grow in to the likeness of Jesus, who was and is the greatest servant of all!

We have opportunities to serve within the Grace Point North community, but I want to highlight a couple of the most influential ministries - KidsPoint and the Set-Up team.

We are unable to receive guests for worship at Grace Point North without the assistance of people who help set-up and tear-down each week. A friend of mine refers to the set-up process as "setting the stage for the King of Kings." We desire to create a welcoming environment for everyone to encounter the love of Christ - the King of Kings! Prayerfully consider giving 0.6% of your time to setting up and tearing down.

Of the guests with children who visit us on any given Saturday night the most common response to the question, "What did you enjoy the most?" isn't the sermon or how rockin' our the music is, but how welcoming we are and how amazing is KidsPoint ministry! We provide "on-the-job training" for all of our KidsPoint servant-leaders. Consider sacrificially giving 0.6% of your time each month to serving in KidsPoint. You will love it! 

Who knew that giving 0.6% of anything could make a significant impact in the lives of others? So what are you waiting for? Prayerfully consider joining a ministry team and start giving 0.6% today.