Beating Busy: Final Thoughts


All throughout the Beating Busy series I’ve been talking about how I discovered I’m less busy with busy and more fulfilled when my calendar reflects the values God has wired in me. You and I are the same when it comes to our calendars. You don’t want “busy” to describe how you live. Like me you are determined to live the abundant life Jesus promises not by filling your calendar with all kinds of busyness, but by prioritizing your calendar - and therefore your life - by what you value most. 

You should be proud of the work and progress you’ve made if you've been following along in this series. You’ve made it this far! Congratulations! You should be proud of the work and progress you’ve made if you've been following along in this series. I’m confident you will feel more fulfilled and more joy when you prioritize your calendar based on your values.

So now what? Where do you go from here?

Because of all your hard work, the last thing you want to do is fall back into old, harmful habits. So, decide today that when it comes to adding activities and opportunities to your already busy life, pause and ask yourself two questions before you say “yes” to the opportunity:

  • Does this activity or opportunity align with one of my already established values? If not, say “no thank you.” If yes, ask yourself the 10-10-10 Question.
  • 10-10-10 Question: Will this activity matter in 10 minutes, 10 days, and 10 years? If the answer is “yes,” then go for it! If not, say “no thank you.”

Final Thoughts

If you’ve never thought about how your values can make your calendar work for you I hope you’ve found this process helpful. I don’t believe there is necessarily a key to unlocking your calendar, but I do believe with every part of my being that we must make our calendars work for us before they work us over. Your calendar must reflect your priorities and what you value.

I’m convinced you will find greater meaning, peace, and fulfillment when your calendar reflects what you value most. How you spend your time matters - a lot! It just does. It’s the one commodity that cannot be bought, traded, or sold. Perhaps the biggest reason we’re all so frazzled these days is because we’re forgetting what matters most to us and to God. Forgetting the big picture long enough leads us to be over-stressed, on the brink of burnout, tired, angry, frustrated, and left feeling empty. We’re empty because we’re not doing the things God has wired us to do and our calendar shows it. We’re saying yes to all the wrong things and rarely saying to the right things.

Believe me when I say I’ve been there. I’ve been busy. But over the last few years I’ve experienced the joy that comes from being not-busy. I’m not sure what to call it other than beating busy, and more than anything I want to help you beat busy too. 

If this series has been helpful to you (or confusing to you for that matter), let me know. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated. 


Read 10-10-10: A Fast and Powerful Way to Get Unstuck in Love, at Work, and with Your Family by Suzy Welch, 2010.