Beating Busy: Examine Your Calendar


If you're new to the site or just checking things out, this is the sixth post in a series I've been working on focused on helping you beat busyness by taking control of your calendar before it owns you. So if you're new around here be sure to check out the first five posts at But for those of you who have been tracking with me the whole way through, thanks for hanging in there. I'm almost done walking you through a process I've used to prioritize my calendar to beat busyness. 

One of the questions I've asked myself and perhaps you're asking the same questions is what to do if your core values don’t match God’s values perfectly. If that’s you, don’t worry. You’re in good company. Mine don’t either. Does that mean God wants you to abandon your core values for the sake of His? No, that would be a mistake. 

It’s not a matter of changing your values as much as it is aligning your values with God’s values. The call to make disciples is undeniable. It’s called the Great Commission for a reason. It’s what Jesus expects as disciples where ever we find ourselves - when we’re at home, in our neighborhood, at work, or someplace else. Making disciples is non-negotiable. 

I happen to be in a position within a local church where making disciples is a part of my job description. I’m called to create new and strategic opportunities for everyone to engage in discipling relationships. That’s what I do. I imagine you aren’t as fortunate as I am to have that job description. You are doing other important work. You are a teacher, day laborer, plumber, stay-at-home parent, a student. So for 40+ hours a week you are focused on your job. 

God calls us to do good work for His glory, so it’s not so much about abandoning our values, but aligning them with God’s priorities. Now that you’re better aware of where your time is spent, and have taken steps to identify what you value most, it’s time to make some adjustments.

For example:

  • As a lifelong leaner it was terribly difficult for me to say no to a good teaching opportunity for a local community college. I said no to teaching an ethics course, but yes to teaching Bible because one of my primary values is making disciples and I love to teach so it was easy to say yes to teaching Bible.
  • My wife and I value simplicity, so we say no to our kids participating in more than one activity each season. We have four kids which equals four activities plus all the practices which equals super busy. Because we value simplicity we’re able to teach our kids to choose their activities wisely. 
  • I said yes to a podcast interview this fall because it aligns with the value of making disciples. 


In light of what you’ve discovered about how God has wired you and instilled particular values within you:

  • How well does your current calendar align with your core values? 
  • What adjustments need to be made so that your schedule reflects your values? 
  • Eliminate or drastically reduce unnecessary or low-priority activities from your calendar that don't align with your values.