Deeper: Word Studies for Christians Now Available!

By Joshua Cooper
© Joshua Cooper, 2017
eBook, 33 pages
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I'm a pastor and while I don't consider myself a writer by vocation I've always wanted to share my learning with others in creative ways. I'm grateful I can write for fun and not for food. Buckling down over the last three months, reading, researching, and writing was incredibly challenging and deeply rewarding. Deeper: Word Studies for Christians Digging in the Old Testament is written as an eBook Bible study designed to engage the reader’s curiosity about ancient Hebrew words. With over 4,000 Hebrew words to choose from, this study focuses on just five - "create," "meditate," "taste," "help," and "follow" by plumbing the depths of these ancient words to help the reader see how wide and deep God's Word is! By the end of the book the hope is the reader will have a greater appreciation for God's Word and desire to take on their own studies.

The online format makes it easy for readers to use the links provided to see each Bible verse in multiple translations. Because Hebrew words often have multiple meanings, accessing distinctive translations of the same text provides a wider range of meaning so we can see nuances and variations of the words we are studying that we might otherwise miss using a single translation.

Available as an eBook only (PDF), but owners are welcome to  print one copy for personal use.