Second Chair Leadership Book List

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One of the things I most enjoy doing is resourcing leaders. I love connecting leaders to someone who can help them or point leaders to a resource I believe will help them with a particular challenge they're facing. Because I love to read I find myself talking with others about what I'm currently reading and how my reading is impacting my thinking, which is why I ask every guest who appears on the podcast this question:

"What's one book you recommend every leader read and why?"

Because I ask that question I never have to think about what to read next. Every book my guests recommend is now on my reading list. Not only are these resources listed in the Show Notes section for each episode, I'll save you some time by including their recommendations right here. Leaders are readers and leaders are learners. Keep learning. Never stop reading. I hope you enjoy the first of many recommendations to come! Click on the button below to download this list.

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