Beating Busy: Final Thoughts

I’m convinced you will find greater meaning, peace, and fulfillment when your calendar reflects what you value most. How you spend your time matters - a lot! It just does. It’s the one commodity that cannot be bought, traded, or sold. Perhaps the biggest reason we’re all so frazzled these days is because we’re forgetting what matters most to us and to God.

Beating Busy: Values Matter

Beating Busy: Values Matter

If we agree that the highest priority for the New Testament Christian is to make disciples who make disciples, then what are the priorities that fulfill this overarching value? I’ve listed 6 key priorities of a disciple below. This list is not meant to be exhaustive. Rather it’s based on obvious behaviors and characteristics of Jesus and His disciples.

What Followership Isn't

I believe followership has been given a bad reputation and is in need of redemption today. The reality is we're all followers in some areas of our lives. In my vocation I'm a leader as a pastor who oversees ministries and equips people for the work of ministry, but I'm also a follower because I'm not the lead pastor and more importantly I'm a follower of Jesus.