Guest Post: Follow Your Suffering

Can you imagine someone telling you to "follow your suffering"?

There are so many motivational quotes encouraging you to follow your dreams, do what makes you happy, and find out what makes you come alive. 
All of these quotes can be summed up with one more phrase all of us have heard,

Follow your passions!

Measuring Spiritual Health

I believe we’re all wired in such a way we want to know if what we’re doing is impacting others’ lives. Whether you work in the business sector or in ministry, we all want to know if we are being successful. Often in a ministry context success is defined by fulfilling the mission God has entrusted to us to accomplish.

But, often times it's difficult to qualify or quantify success. Typically, ministry success is measured by budgets, buildings, baptisms, and butts in seats. Sprinkle in a few stories of life change and voilà - success!