Leading When You're Not in Charge

As long as I can remember I’ve always been a second chair leader. I feel at home giving my creative best while leading from the second chair, which compelled me to launch a podcast dedicated to celebrating creative and courageous second chair leaders called The Second Chair Leadership Podcast. A listener once asked, “Is second chair leadership a thing or did you make that up?” 

It’s a fair question that deserves some attention.

Measuring Spiritual Health

I believe we’re all wired in such a way we want to know if what we’re doing is impacting others’ lives. Whether you work in the business sector or in ministry, we all want to know if we are being successful. Often in a ministry context success is defined by fulfilling the mission God has entrusted to us to accomplish.

But, often times it's difficult to qualify or quantify success. Typically, ministry success is measured by budgets, buildings, baptisms, and butts in seats. Sprinkle in a few stories of life change and voilà - success!

1 Lesson From One Year of Podcasting

It’s hard to believe that one year ago the Second Chair Leadership Podcast came to life! If you’ve been with me from the beginning you know this story already, but for those who are new to the podcast you might be surprised to learn I didn’t set out to start a podcast. At the encouragement of a friend I entered a creativity contest with a very simple idea - to celebrate and champion the leader behind the leader who is getting stuff done and adding value to their organizations. 

Second Chair Leadership Book List

One of the things I most enjoy doing is resourcing leaders. I love connecting leaders to someone who can help them or point leaders to a resource I believe will help them with a particular challenge they're facing. Because I love to read I find myself talking with others about what I'm currently reading and how my reading is impacting my thinking, which is why I ask every guest who appears on the podcast this question:

"What's one book you recommend every leader read and why?"

Cultivating a Reflective Mind

There is an ever-increasing need to cultivate a reflective mind - a mind that reflects on what's most important in life. I've noticed that when it comes to cultivating a reflective mind, there are internal and external barriers. The most often cited are fear, busyness, and noise.