Online Small Groups

You have the ability to host your small group online. This option might appeal to you if you:

  • Have a busy or inflexible schedule
  • Work odd hours
  • Enjoy using technology to connect with others
  • Desire to experience community in unique ways

We are experimenting with a couple different online video conferencing options:

1. ooVoo, which allows up to 12 people to easily meet online using your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. This software is 100% free. Note: ooVoo is "ad-based" software so there are advertisements. The ads aren't obtrusive or inappropriate.

2. Zoom is another excellent online conferencing software which allows an unlimited number to meet online. The software is 100% free and does not contain ads.

If you decide to use ooVoo, each group member will need to download and install the ooVoo software and then share their ooVoo ID with the small group leader so you can invite them to your online group session.

Here are a few suggestions to help your online group more effective:

  • Have an established online meeting time, whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • By creating a shared Google Doc, you and your group can share prayer requests, give updates, and include other information related to discussion topics, and those who miss a meeting are able to stay connected throughout the week. 
  • You may also want to create a Private or Secret Facebook group for further discussion, interaction, and updated prayer requests to stay connected during the week.