The Second Chair Leadership Podcast is all about shining a bright spotlight on second chair leaders who are leading creatively and courageously right where they are!

About a year ago, The Second Chair Leadership Podcast launched. Since then, hundreds of leaders are finding encouragement and are expressing their creativity to lead right where they are! We’re only 20-some episodes in and we have over 4,000 downloads. The podcast is having a positive impact on second chair leaders. This show was created for people like you and supported by you! Your likes, shares, comments, emails, reviews, and encouragement are greatly appreciated - more than you will ever know!

As someone who struggles with confidence and sometimes feeling inadequate or unqualified, I’ve been encouraged by others who have been in my position. Josh interviews a variety of different leaders and I’ve been able to take something away from each one and apply it to my own life. This is such an invaluable resource for those in leadership of any capacity!
— Aren S.

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