28: Jon Wiest | Multiplication Pastor

Jon Wiest is the Multiplication Pastor at Trinity Church in Indianapolis, IN and is passionate about multiplying disciples, leaders, and churches.  A church planter at heart, Jon was privileged to plant two churches in Dallas, TX and Des Moines, IA and has served as the Church Planting Director for multiple districts within The Wesleyan Church.  He is a graduate of Wheaton College and Wesley Seminary and the author of Banding Together: A Practical Guide for Disciple Makers.  Jon is married to his wife, Katie, and they have four beautiful girls.

27: Daniel Im | LifeWay Christian Resources

Welcome to the Second Chair Leadership Podcast episode 27! I’m really excited about this episode. Sitting in the second chair with me is Daniel Im. Daniel is the Church Multiplication Director for NewChurches.com at LifeWay Christian Resources and is a leader who has added a lot of value to my life and work over the years. Daniel is someone I’m continually learning from through his writing, speaking, and podcasts. Daniel has a lot of wisdom to share when it comes to leading well right where you are. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Daniel Im.

26: Garrett Lowe | Pastor and Distant Mentor

My guest today is Garrett Lowe. He is the NextGen Pastor at Living Word Community Church in York, Pennsylvania where he provides broad oversight to children, middle and high school, and young adult ministries. One of his main areas of expertise is mentoring and helping others live with a deeper purpose and guiding them through a discernment process. 

25: Sheldon Wagner | UW-LaCrosse Athletic Training

Sheldon Wagner is a Certified Athletic Trainer and lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse where he also provides athletic training services and conducts research on concussion in sport. I’ve observed that Sheldon works with a high degree of integrity, is a second chair leader who has a high degree of influence on peoples’ lives.

24: Bob Clifton | Necessity of Community in Leadership

Sitting in the second chair with me to talk about courage and creativity on the podcast is Bob Clifton. Bob is a Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of Cannonball!, a coaching organization that utilizes emotional intelligence to maximize personal and professional development. He speaks regularly on marriage, parenting, personal development, and leadership. I hope you enjoy the conversation with this gifted second chair leader!

22: Sabbaticals with Josh & Sarah Siders

Welcome to the podcast. Today’s episode is Part 2 of my conversation with Josh & Sarah Siders. Be sure to listen to Part 1 here. In this podcast we talk about something every leader needs but doesn’t get enough of - rest. Rest is an essential, but often neglected aspect, of leadership. Josh & Sarah also share some really practical insights and tips for planning a sabbatical. If you aren’t sure you even know what a sabbatical is, then I hope you listen in and enjoy today’s episode.

21: Co-Pastoring with Josh & Sarah Siders | The Well

I’m grateful to have Josh and Sarah Siders on the podcast. We had such a good conversation with so much content that I’ve created not one but TWO episodes from our one conversation. The Siders’ are co-pastors of The Well, a thriving church in Manhattan, Kansas, that ministers to hundreds college students and young professionals.

19: Josh Cooper | Why Coaching Matters

In this special episode, Josh shares three reasons why every leader needs a coach, three unexpected transitions that happened to him a couple years ago and how having a coach in his corner helped him navigate through those complexities, AND a big announcement from our friends at Stay Forth Designs!!! Thanks for listening. If you find this content useful, please share it across social media to help other second chair leaders lead with courage and creativity.

18: Jenny Randle | Courageous Creative

I am absolutely delighted to interview author and creative ninja, Jenny Randle for today’s episode. Jenny is a speaker, writer, and Emmy® Award-winning editor and storyteller who’s collaborated with some of the biggest studios, companies, and ministries around the nation. Her newest book, Courageous Creative, releases October 2, 2018! Jenny is insanely passionate about helping others understand their God-given identity and purpose. I know you’ll enjoy my conversation with Jenny Randle.

17: Chase Smith | Podcasting Pastor

Sitting in the second chair with me to talk about courage and creativity is Chase Smith. Chase is a worship and student ministries pastor in Grove City, OH, and he’s a podcast enthusiast! He successfully launched two podcasts in 2017 - The Chase Smith Podcast and The Orange is Oranger Browns Podcast (a Cleveland Browns podcast). In 2018, Chase launched Cavs on the Break NBA Podcast and the Press Play Podcast Network!

16: Alan Briggs on Side Hustling

For today's episode I’m joined once again by my friend, Alan Briggs, Lead Creative of Stay Forth Designs, to talk about a topic that I believe a lot of people think about, but are perhaps too afraid or are unclear about what to do. I know because I’m one of those people. And so we are going to talk about side-hustling - how to start one and what it takes to make a side-hustle work.

15: Holly Tate | Vanderbloemen Search Group

I’m honored to talk courage and creativity with Holly Tate on the podcast today. Holly is the Vice President of Marketing for Vanderbloemen Search Group, an executive search firm that helps churches and ministries build great teams. Named a Top Christian Young Influencer by ThomRainer.com in 2016, Holly is passionate about connecting people and helping organizations grow by developing effective and creative marketing strategies. Holly is fun to interview, so I hope you are challenged and inspired our conversation today.

13: Josh Jones | Advisors Excel

Sitting in the second chair with me for today's episode is Josh Jones. Josh serves as Chief of Staff for Advisor’s Excel -  an independent marketing organization in Topeka, KS. Voted in 2017 as a Best Place to Work for small and medium sized companies Advisor’s Excel’s mission is to have a dramatic impact on the business and life of their client. Josh is a lifelong student of people and understands what it takes to help them succeed.

11: Greg Crooks | Watermark Community Church

Sitting in the second chair with me for this episode is Greg Crooks. Greg serves as the Executive Pastor of Watermark Community Church - a large and fast-growing community in the greater Dallas area. Before coming on staff with Watermark, Greg spent nine years in the business sector until God called him to use his gifts and experience to serve vocationally in the local church. Greg oversees the daily operations and ministries of the church and uniquely wired to serve faithfully from the second chair.

09: J.J. Peterson | StoryBrand

Sitting in the second chair with me today is the StoryBrand Chief of Staff and co-host of the Building a StoryBrand podcast, J.J. Peterson. J.J. is a scholar and communication practitioner. From building communication strategies for multi-national nonprofit companies and developing television shows in Hollywood to teaching college communication courses, J.J. uses his experience to help companies clarify their message in order to move people to action.