Podcast Launches in January 2018!

The idea of hosting a podcast really didn’t enter my mind until I was asked to enter an idea contest through Stay Forth Designs. What idea would be worthy of submitting, I wondered. I really wasn’t sure. I’ve always been a “second chair” leader and thrive in that role. So, I pitched the Second Chair Leadership Podcast idea fully expecting not to win.

But I did win. Surely, I thought, there must have been some kind of mistake. But there was no mistake. I won! So with some start up capital in hand, a new idea, and a plan in place I got to work on creating this show. And I couldn’t be more excited about this new project!

Beginning in January 2018 I will be sharing inspiring stories of second chair leaders who lead creatively and courageously right where they are! I would love it if you would LIKE our Facebook page, FOLLOW us on Twitter and Instagram (@2ndchairpodcast). Soon you will be able to subscribe to the podcast will be available on Google Music, Podbean, Stitcher, and Apple Podcast.

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