02: Timm Collins | Trash Mountain Project

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Timm Collins is the Chief Operating Officer for the Topeka-based non-profit organization, Trash Mountain Project. TMP works alongside international ministry partners to serve people living and working in trash dump communities around the world. He shares what he's learning about courage and creativity in the second chair.

Show Notes


  • The volume of leadership tools, books, podcasts, and resources is enormous. It's good to slow down and practice applying what you're learning.

  • Career shifts require discernment and an "all in" mentality.

  • Creativity flows out of more than the absence of structure, but structure can propel creativity.

Quotable Quote:

  • "No one keeps statistics on [global poverty] because these people are quite literally forgotten." - Timm Collins

  • "Structure propels creativity." - Timm Collins


  • Timm recommends you read two books: Never Split The Difference and The Ideal Team Player.

Take Action:

  • Connect with Timm at revtimmcollins[at]gmail[dot]com or on Facebook at facebook.com/timmcollins

  • Visit Trash Mountain's website at www.trashmountain.com.

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"Achieve Your Goals" by Scott Holmes