20: Jason Berry | 12Stone® Church

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Sitting in the second chair with me to talk about courage and creativity on the podcast is Jason Berry. Jason is the Associate Executive Pastor for the Atlanta-based multisite church - 12Stone® Church, with 17,000 attendees across 8 locations! He has been on staff at 12Stone® for 11 years.  He has done a little bit of everything while on staff there, from leading worship to spiritual formation.  Seven years ago Jason launched 12Stone’s second campus in Flowery Branch.  Three years ago, he stepped into the role of Associate Executive Pastor.  He spends his days leading the Ministry Development team. I hope you enjoy the conversation with this gifted second chair leader!

Show Notes


  • Cultivating alignment across ministries or departments is crucial and complex. Alignment has two parts - aligning in heart and aligning in habit. Is your staff aligned in heart? Alignment in habit has to do with the day to day operations. To cultivate alignment the key is over-communicating the why before the what.

  • Trust is established through two sources - results and relationships. Consistently meeting and exceeding expectations fosters trust, but so does building relationships with others. Don’t underestimate the value of cultivating trust through relationships.

  • Second chair leaders must become more comfortable with putting themselves in uncomfortable situations. When was the last time you were out of your comfort zone? What was the last risk you took?

  • When it comes to developing leaders we want to communicate that it’s okay to make a bunch of mistakes, just don’t make the same mistake twice.


  • “Leaders can’t be trusted until they’ve gone through a season of obscurity” - Jason Berry.

  • “Most of the time the opposite of courage is comfort” - Jason Berry.

  • “Everyone is creative; it just expresses itself differently” - Jason Berry.



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