21: Co-Pastoring with Josh & Sarah Siders | The Well

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I’m grateful to have Josh and Sarah Siders on the podcast. We had such a good conversation with so much content that I’ve created not one but TWO episodes from our one conversation. The Siders’ are co-pastors of The Well, a thriving church in Manhattan, Kansas, that ministers to hundreds college students and young professionals. It’s unusual for me to interview first chair leaders for the podcast, but they are such a dynamic team and I”m so grateful they are giving us a behind-the-scenes look about how co-pastoring a church actually works. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Josh and Sarah Siders!

Show Notes


  • Understand and learn to appreciate your church’s unique context and ministry to a particular demographic as in the case of The Well to be an equipping and sending center commissioning college graduates to be pastoral voices in their future vocations.

  • In this case of co-leadership notice how the differences between their personalities, temperament, and gifting serve to complement one another for the benefit of the church.

  • Leaders must be wise and discerning when hiring or promoting from within as to what’s the next right step for the local church.

  • Regardless of where what you believe or don’t believe about women serving in senior leadership, as leaders we must ask ourselves, “What is this person’s gifting, and how do they fit?”

  • Incorporating a weekly dream session for reviewing the past week and planning for the week ahead.


  • Visit The Well Church’s website. If you live in or near Manhattan, KS, pay them a visit on a Sunday morning!

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