22: Sabbaticals with Josh & Sarah Siders

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Welcome to the podcast. Today’s episode is Part 2 of my conversation with Josh & Sarah Siders. Be sure to listen to Part 1 here. In this podcast we talk about something every leader needs but doesn’t get enough of - rest. Rest is an essential, but often neglected aspect, of leadership. Josh & Sarah also share some really practical insights and tips for planning a sabbatical. If you aren’t sure you even know what a sabbatical is, then I hope you listen in and enjoy today’s episode.

Show Notes


  • Intentionally resting for one 24-hour day each week is an exercise in trust - an exercise of faith - that God is in control. It’s easy to confuse worth and value with being essential. Weekly Sabbath is a reminder that worth is not linked to being essential. We’re all important, but not that important.

  • Plan to make room for your true self. You are making room for whatever is in your heart to come out in those moments when you intentionally practice Sabbath or when on an extended period of rest.

  • There are only reasons to take a sabbatical. If you think you can’t, that’s a reason to take one.




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