08: David Hinkle | Fellowship Bible Church

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Sitting in the second chair is David Hinkle. David is the Discipleship Pastor for Fellowship Bible Church in Topeka, KS. Ministry can be tough, and David shares what he's learning about courage and creativity in the second chair as a staff pastor under the same senior leader for over 14 years in a church that experienced major growth over the last decade.

Show Notes


  • When you're unsure about your next step having wise people speak truth over you helps provide clarity. Listen to those wise people who know you best.

  • Josh and David discuss loyalty in the second chair and what to do when your education, experience, and expertise tell you to go one way, but your leader is leading in another direction.

  • You can have a strong voice AND give your support to your leader. Know what circle you're in and knowing the appropriate time to speak.

  • Writing "just because" notes are an incredible motivational tool every leader must for the teams they lead. People want to be noticed. So tell them you see them.

Quotable Quotes:

  • "What do we need to be doing for where we are going?" - David Hinkle

  • "I am creative because of the people around me." - David Hinkle

Leaders Are Readers:

Take Action:

  • Connect with David on Facebook or say hello via email - hinkle[at]fbctopeka.com

  • Write a "just because" note to one of your team members today!

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"Achieve Your Goals" by Scott Holmes