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I am thrilled to have Tim Kirkpatrick as my guest for this episode. Tim is the managing partner of Second Chair Solutions based in the suburbs of Washington D.C. Tim is a fantastic second chair with entrepreneurial instincts. Tim and his team take pride in working behind-the-scenes help leaders experience the freedom to truly be who they were created to be. 

Show Notes

Key Insights:

  • Tim talks about his trial by fire experiences serving in a church where he started out "mowing the grass" to serving on the executive team as the church grew to the thousands to transitioning to Chief of Staff for a local business owner to stepping into a first chair role launching his own outsourcing company.

  • It quite literally pays to read. Tim credits his pastoral experience and reading leadership books for turning around a sinking Apple resale store.

  • Self-awareness of the leader is paramount to the growth of an organization in a healthy way. Leaders need others to help them find their blindspots so they can continue to grow and develop.

  • A responsibility of the second chair leader is to lighten the load of the first chair and to disseminate the load in a way that utilizes others in an appropriate way.

Quotable Quotes:

  • "Just because you're gifted at serving doesn't mean you're gifted at leading other servants...It's two different gifts." - Tim Kirkpatrick

  • "I feel the smile of God on my life...I feel the wind at my back...I feel I am doing exactly what I'm called to do when I am helping other people do what God has called them to do." - Tim Kirkpatrick

  • "You have to know who you are before you can understand your why." - Tim Kirkpatrick

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"Achieve Your Goals" by Scott Holmes