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Sitting in the second chair with me for today's episode is Josh Jones. Josh serves as Chief of Staff for Advisors Excel -  an independent marketing organization in Topeka, KS. Voted in 2017 as a Best Place to Work for small and medium sized companies Advisor’s Excel’s mission is to have a dramatic impact on the business and life of their client. Josh is a lifelong student of people and understands what it takes to help them succeed.

Show Notes

Key Insights:

  • It takes courage to stay in your current place of work for the long haul. The proverbial grass always looks greener someplace else. But there are legitimate reasons for leaving and Josh shares with us that his family was his motivation for leaving education for financial services.

  • Josh talks about how employees are the greatest asset and simultaneously the greatest threat to the success of a company.

  • Vulnerability in leadership seems counter-intuitive, but Josh notices how the power of vulnerability shifts the culture by freeing the team to take risks, to improve, and move the mission forward.

Quotable Quotes:

  • "Successful companies cling to what is right." - Josh Jones

  • "You might be the greatest threat to your company." - Josh Jones

  • "You never know fully the impact your leadership is having, but you better know it's having an impact for better or worse." - Josh Jones

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