16: Alan Briggs on Side Hustling

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For today's episode I’m joined once again by my friend, Alan Briggs, Lead Creative of Stay Forth Designs, to talk about a topic that I believe a lot of people think about, but are perhaps too afraid or are unclear about what to do. I know because I’m one of those people. And so we are going to talk about side-hustling - how to start one and what it takes to make a side-hustle work.

Show Notes

Key Insights:

  • The why behind a side hustle is found in the careful balance between money and meaning - the zipping together the desire to change the world and the need for creative provision.

  • The old paradigm is "work/life balance." The new paradigm is "work/life integration." We want all of ourselves to one unique vocational calling.

  • The non-negotiables for a successful side hustle - 1. Value proposition; 2. Team; 3. Permission; 4. Margin; 5. Learner's heart; 6. Worker's spirit; 7. Boundaries; 8. Goals; 9. Passion; 10. Structure.

Quotable Quotes:

  • "Many times in the non-profit sphere we have an accidental spirit of poverty that says, 'I can't charge for this. No one would ever pay for that.'" - Alan Briggs

  • "We need to give ourselves permission that our passion project is valid and valuable." - Alan Briggs

  • "You might be one week, one month, one deal away from moving from nothing to a legitimate side hustle." - Alan Briggs

Side Hustle Resources:

Take Action: 

  • Connect with Alan on social media - Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

  • Visit the Stay Forth Designs website for tools to help you be healthy so you can make a greater impact.

  • Experiment with your side hustles. Set some parameters and call it a pilot. Invest very little capital into it initially to see if it will generate some income.

  • Leverage the power of moment by "socking" someone or by sending them a personalized note.

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