26: Garrett Lowe | Pastor and Distant Mentor

My guest today is Garrett Lowe. He is the NextGen Pastor at Living Word Community Church in York, Pennsylvania where he provides broad oversight to children, middle and high school, and young adult ministries. One of his main areas of expertise is mentoring and helping others live with a deeper purpose and guiding them through a discernment process. 

25: Sheldon Wagner | UW-LaCrosse Athletic Training

Sheldon Wagner is a Certified Athletic Trainer and lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse where he also provides athletic training services and conducts research on concussion in sport. I’ve observed that Sheldon works with a high degree of integrity, is a second chair leader who has a high degree of influence on peoples’ lives.

24: Bob Clifton | Necessity of Community in Leadership

Sitting in the second chair with me to talk about courage and creativity on the podcast is Bob Clifton. Bob is a Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of Cannonball!, a coaching organization that utilizes emotional intelligence to maximize personal and professional development. He speaks regularly on marriage, parenting, personal development, and leadership. I hope you enjoy the conversation with this gifted second chair leader!

22: Sabbaticals with Josh & Sarah Siders

Welcome to the podcast. Today’s episode is Part 2 of my conversation with Josh & Sarah Siders. Be sure to listen to Part 1 here. In this podcast we talk about something every leader needs but doesn’t get enough of - rest. Rest is an essential, but often neglected aspect, of leadership. Josh & Sarah also share some really practical insights and tips for planning a sabbatical. If you aren’t sure you even know what a sabbatical is, then I hope you listen in and enjoy today’s episode.

21: Co-Pastoring with Josh & Sarah Siders | The Well

I’m grateful to have Josh and Sarah Siders on the podcast. We had such a good conversation with so much content that I’ve created not one but TWO episodes from our one conversation. The Siders’ are co-pastors of The Well, a thriving church in Manhattan, Kansas, that ministers to hundreds college students and young professionals.